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Karatedo is a martial art that was born from the multicultural addition of the unique defense art of "hands" handed down from the time of the Ryukyu Kingdom in Okinawa.

We are deeply grateful to the legacy of our predecessors who have maintained the tradition of the first-generation system and the orthodox aspirations of Karatedo, and who have risked life and death to study Karatedo.

One of the predecessors, the late Grand Master Toyama Kanken (1888~1966), was a teacher of the late Hanshi 10. Dan Ichikawa Isao (1935~1996), who followed and passed on his teachings.

He was the last Uchi-deshi (private pupil) and successor of Grand Master Toyama Kanken of the Okinawa Seitō Karatedō Shūdōkan and was the founder of Karatedo Doshinkan.

Our classes focus on the basic techniques and Kata left behind by Hanshi 10. Dan Ichikawa Isao and can be practiced alone or in a group.  Everyone from children to men and women of all ages can practice according to their stage of development. In Kobudo, we learn techniques through Kata utilizing classical Okinawan weaponry such as

Aiming for harmony of mind, technique, and body, we train daily for better health, longer life, self-defense and the perfection of our character.

The late Hanshi 10. Dan Ichikawa Nobuo (1941~2019), who later took over the leadership of Doshinkan in 1996, was able to further improve the skills of the dojo students and further perfect their personalities through his immense efforts and teaching policies that fit today's times.

Martial arts and Karatedo are said to be "the business of service," which means that there are no conflicts of interest. It is said that if you are looking for an advantage in Karate, you are not ready yet. I believe that we should not forget to seek the origin of Budo, which is to be a person with a good heart who respects courtesy and faith.

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