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K A R A T E D O  D O S H I N K A N


Shūdōkan Founder


Toyama Kanken.PNG

Dōshinkan Founder

Hanshi 10. Dan

ichikawa isao.PNG

Hatoyama Hiroshi

Tōyama's son

Shūdōkan (Kanchō)

hatoyama hiroshi.PNG

Tanaka Mikio

Tōyama - Kai

Hanshi 10. Dan

tanaka mikio.PNG

Dōshinkan Leader

Hanshi 10. Dan

ichikawa nobuo.PNG

Ishida Kenshin


Shihan 7. Dan

Tōyama - Kai

Hanshi 10. Dan

ishida kenshin.PNG

Dōshinkan Current Leader

Hanshi 10. Dan

Fujimoto Stock Masako.PNG

"ō" = The macron above the "o" denotes a long vowel

Hanshi 10. Dan


24.12.1935 - 01.02.1996

Foto Dojo Tirol: Gerhard Kurz


Foto Dojo Tirol: Gerhard Kurz

Hanshi Ichikawa Isao was DAISHIHAN Kanken Toyama's last inner disciple and was named his successor on his deathbed. Hanshi Isao fundamentally systematized karatedo and spread it all over the world.

With his ingenious understanding he created a comprehensive teaching system that lives on as the independent school Doshinkan.

It is thanks to him that the treasure of the katas was preserved for posterity. Many dojos in the world are now learning more than ever from Doshinkan.

Hanshi 10. Dan


04.09.1941 - 06.03.2019


Foto Dojo Tirol: Gerhard Kurz

Hanshi Ichikawa Nobuo was the Doshinkan leader from 1996 to March 6, 2019, who continued the Karatedo Doshinkan legacy.

"Kata" and "technique" did not remain stagnant, but were further developed by him.

In Doshinkan, therefore, it is not the ashes of ancient knowledge that is collected, but rather the spark is carried out into the world.

Traditionally, knowledge is passed on from teacher to the student orally and according to the following system: Maneru - Wakaru - Nareru,

Imitate - understand - make a habit

Hanshi 10. Dan

15.05.1969 -

Foto: Erich Reismann


Shortly before his death on March 6, 2019,

10. Dan Ichikawa Nobuo appointed, Masako Fujimoto-Stock, as his worldwide successor.


Masako Fujimoto - Stock is the mother of four children and has been married to Shihan 8. Dan Oswald-Paul Stock "Sport Ossi" since 1999 in Kramsach.

Hanshi Masako, as she will be called from now on, will travel the world like her predecessor to teach Karatedo, always on the trail of and in memory of her great teachers.

This task presents her with great challenges, which she takes on with her pronounced sense of responsibility.

Hanshi Masako received countless congratulations from all over the world. This confirms her goal of consistently and personally passing Doshinkan Karatedo on to her students.


You can train with Hanshi not only in the Honbu Dojo in Kramsach / Tyrol but all over the world.

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